Park Stories

From the ancient tales of the Abenakis to the chronicles of Ethan and Ira Allen and the adventures of families like yours, Vermont has been the setting for millions of amazing stories. Since our first park, Mt. Philo, opened in 1924, some of the most memorable stories have been lived and shared by visitors to our state parks.

If you’ve visited a Vermont State Park — or, you’re trying to visit all of them — you probably have some great stories to tell. Maybe you taught your children to swim or fish at Lake Elmore, Lake Carmi, or Sandbar. Maybe you slept your first night under the stars at Branbury, Maidstone, or Grand Isle. You may have walked into history at Little River, watched the hawk migration from the top of Mt. Philo, or warmed up with friends in the Stone Hut after a perfect powder day.

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Great in All Weather

I love Vermont. I love the great outdoors. Vermont State Parks are simply the best place to be, in my opinion, no matter the weather. There is so much to take in, endless adventures and real lessons to learn when we are out in the wilderness. Vermont State Parks make that accessible to us all.

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1st Day Hikes

My family and I go on “first day hikes” every year on 1/1! This year we all went to Aitken State and we love doing the easy loop with our girls! Our oldest was happy to walk to dog, and our youngest was bummed she was being contained in a carrier! -Sarah Nevison

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30 Year Tradition

We have been camping in the Vermont State Parks for over 30 years and we spend nearly every September camping for two weeks-one week in Brighton and the other at Coolidge. There are not enough words to describe our love for these camp grounds. Some of our best memories include watching the campfire from our […]

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Burton Island Expert

Getting ready to go was also a fun ritual since as the years went by we considered ourselves Burton Island life experts and my kids loved coming up with new ways to make the whole experience better & more fun.

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An Annual Tradition

Labor Day is always set aside on our calendars: it’s an annual trip for our family friends to camp together. (We believe we’re now on our 9th year!) The kids keep growing and so does our fleet: small kayaks are replaced with bigger canoes, portable cribs are now inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags, 3-person tents […]

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