Park Stories

From the ancient tales of the Abenakis to the chronicles of Ethan and Ira Allen and the adventures of families like yours, Vermont has been the setting for millions of amazing stories. Since our first park, Mt. Philo, opened in 1924, some of the most memorable stories have been lived and shared by visitors to our state parks.

If you’ve visited a Vermont State Park — or, you’re trying to visit all of them — you probably have some great stories to tell. Maybe you taught your children to swim or fish at Lake Elmore, Lake Carmi, or Sandbar. Maybe you slept your first night under the stars at Branbury, Maidstone, or Grand Isle. You may have walked into history at Little River, watched the hawk migration from the top of Mt. Philo, or warmed up with friends in the Stone Hut after a perfect powder day.

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Rainy Retreat

Stayed at Brighton State Park again this weekend with my dog, Remy. Very few people there because of the rain so we almost had the whole place to ourselves. Decided to hike around Spectacle Pond with my dog, though it rained constantly. He didn’t seem to mind because he had his raincoat on. We have […]

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Surprise Waterfront Campsite

Despite an awful lot of rain, we greatly enjoyed our week at Gifford Woods in July 2021.  One benefit of all the rain…turned out campsite into a waterfront site at no extra cost! At some point, I’d love to be able to say we stayed at EVERY Vermont state park, as it is such a […]

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Repeat Reservation at Brighton State Park

First time staying there and OMG what a beautiful place! We had a waterfront campsite and had so much fun hiking the trails. Ended up making another reservation for three weeks away! We can’t wait to get back there! Highly recommend!!

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And the winners are…

The legal team at Biggam Fox Skinner LLP joined up with Vermont Parks Forever in an effort to protect our state parks. To celebrate our partnership in 2019, BFS gave away a pair of Park Day-Passes to 5 lucky winners who shared their park memories. Some of our favorite entries are below: My daughter got […]

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The quest continues….

The latest update from the Miller family on their adventures in trying to visit all 55 state parks! Our quest to visit every Vermont State Park continued as weather warmed in 2019. As the kids get older (9 and 11 now, how on earth did that happen?!) summers seem busier and other activities push into […]

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