Park Access Stories

Adaptive Kayaking with Northeast Disabled Athletic Association



Northeast Disabled Athletic Association

The funding from Vermont Parks Forever offered unrestricted entrance to Vermont State Parks for participants to kayak as often as they were able to, all summer long.
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United Way of Northwest Vermont
Green Mountain United Way

Essential workers faced with “pandemic fatigue” were overjoyed at the opportunity to access Vermont’s State Parks with the passes provided by Vermont Parks Forever.
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Located in Bennington, VT

A hands-on literacy program for at-risk readers, camp participants read/write for six hours one day then go on field trips the next day.
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Vermont Releaf


“It was so special to celebrate our collective’s first birthday in such a central location for our members. The water provided some relief from a warm summer day, while being conveniently close to the pavilion where we gathered and shared meals, laughs, and memories. Thanks for supporting our gathering and this celebratory milestone.”
-Vermont Releaf Collective member




“Enjoyed Niquette State Park last Wednesday to celebrate a birthday! Hiked 2 miles!”
– Participant

Laraway Youth &

Family Services

Johnson, VT

A grant from Vermont Parks Forever allowed over 30 youth to access Vermont State Parks during the 2019 Summer Program for at-risk youth.

“We hiked, we swam, and we picnicked in the shade of trees.  We are so grateful for this grant which allowed our kids to experience the therapeutic effects of nature!” ~Katherine Stamper, Development Director

A young child looks at a body of water and mountains

Department of


and Families

Over the past 5 years VPF has helped hundreds of foster families access our state parks!

The children have used it to spend lots of time exploring nature, hiking, finding bugs, swimming, learning about rocks and how mountains are formed. This past year especially when there were so few options for kids to do that felt safe during the pandemic having access to all the state parks was a huge gift.” ~ A 2020 foster mom