There is so much to treasure about Vermont’s state parks.

Vermont Parks Forever is continuing a tradition of private-public partnership to make our amazing state parks even better by enhancing and protecting these gems. We are raising funds and investing in innovative projects that make our parks more accessible and connect our visitors to the natural world in a deep, sustained way. Improving our parks is an important first step in restoring the connection to nature, making our children healthier, and creating a new generation of environmentalists to defend our natural places. We hope you’ll help us meet the challenge.
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Thanks to generous contributions from park enthusiasts, Vermont Parks Forever helped make our amazing state parks even better by:

  • Purchasing season passes for foster families so that they can enjoy the wonders of our parks
  • Continuing a youth scholarship to support an annual summer internship at Mt. Philo State Park
  • Helping manage legacy land gifts that opened two new state parks: Muckross State Park in Springfield in 2016 and Taconic Mountains Ramble State Park in Hubbardton in 2017.

We have even more excitement planned in 2019 – stay tuned! Stay up to date by visiting Facebook and signing up for our newsletter!