The Challenge

In 1924, Mrs. Frances Humphries donated land for our first state park, Mt. Philo. Since then, many of our 52 Vermont State Parks have been created with support of conservation-minded donors. Vermont Parks Forever is employing that tradition of private-public partnership to take on a new challenge: making needed upgrades to our state parks.

The focus is broad and ambitious: from restored park nature centers and high-quality education programs to alternative energy awareness and improved historic interpretation. The goal is to build lifelong connections between park visitors and the natural world. Because connections like these are critical to the health of our people and the future of our parks.

People who spend time in the outdoors are healthier. And they are more likely to consider themselves environmentalists. Yet today’s children, particularly those in underserved communities, spend less time in the outdoors than any previous generation. Improving our parks is an important first step in restoring the connection to nature, making our children healthier, and creating a new generation of environmentalists to defend our natural places. We hope you’ll help us meet the challenge.